babulina's trip
music video for graveola band

“Multicolored generational affective map”, a music video that “gives a desire to live in” and “it is all ours”, also known as “bolina’s trip”.

Babulina’s Trip was created for the Graveola Band, from Minas Gerais state, and is filled with friends, experimentalism, humor, provocations, all of it made with samba, sweat and love.



Year: 2013
Categories: Amability, Hippie, Love

Erick Ricco, Fernando Mendes, Victor Dias – Screenplay and Direction
Fernanda Salgado – Production
Erick Ricco – Cinematography
Tetê Motta – Art Direction
Fernando Mendes – Animation Director
Elisa Rodrigues, Erick Ricco, Fernando Mendes, Raquel Pinheiro, Victor Dias – Animation Team
Fernando Mendes – Film Editing and Film Finalization