an interstitial series for MTV Latam

“Powerful” is an animated series about pride and diversity. Stories of homophobia and harassment suffered by LGBTQIA+ people are narrated in a surreal universe where the protagonist can – and WILL – change the game, giving way to a true desire that, in most cases, cannot be fulfilled in reality.

8 episodes of 30″ produced for the interprogramming of MTV Latam.

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Prrride Tales

Ano: 2021
Categories: Animation, MTV Interstitials, Latin America, LGBTQIA+

Created by Thereza Nardelli

Etienne Tavares e Thereza Nardelli – Direction
Erick Ricco – Executive Production
Thereza Nardelli – Art Direction
Etienne Tavares – Animation Direction
Tiago Minamisawa – Screenplay